Work Crew

Bud Klumph, Paul Brown, Frank Hughes MMR 29, Tom Cain

I am fortunate to have three really good friends and workers who have helped to make this model railroad come into being.  Paul Brown and Bud Klumph are great Santa Fe fans and have helped not only with the building of the layout, but with the infrastructure of the room such as installing dry wall and ceiling tiles to make the room a reasonably pleasant place to enjoy model trains.  Frank Hughes has been a part of this same hard work and has been working on benchwork and was there when we opened up the first hole in the wall to run trains from one room to another.  Frank loves to make scenery though, and once we had enough benchwork down, that is where he has wanted to spend his time.

Paul Brown blending paint on the backdrop.


Bud applying the base paint for the backdrop.

Frank Hughes inserting the details to a scratchbuilt underpass support.

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