Layout Construction

These photos show some of the progress in building my model railroad. The basic structure is box frame construction made from hand picked 1X4 pine wood. Legs to the layout are 2X4’s cut down to 2X2’s. Much of the benchwork is fastened to the basement wall on furring strips located in the 52” to 54” height level. Benchwork legs are set back from the front of the layout when possible to facilitate walking around the layout. Storage space is being created throughout the layout. Some storage is for rolling stock and their boxes, some is for magazines, and some is just plain old family storage. All the inside corners are coved. Some coves are made from masonite that has been fastened with “liquid nails” and then finished with dry wall compound. One cove was done with styrene which also was fastened with “liquid nails” and again finished with drywall compound.


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