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Thomas Cain


Caseworker for the disabled


Central Indiana Division/MWR/NMRA – Past Superintendent

Member of:

Santa Fe Railroad Historical and Modeling Society



Eastern Illinois, Joliet to Streator



This model railroad depicts the Santa Fe Railway from Joliet, Illinois to Streator, Illinois.  This section of the railroad has two tracks called Main One and Main Two.  Since the Santa Fe Railway runs in an East to West direction the North track is called Main One.  The alignment from Joliet to Pequot uses the Santa Fe mainline and track that was shared and annexed from the Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio.  The alignments are quite close to each other but not exactly what might be called “double track.”  The trackage from Pequot to Streator though is all Santa Fe two track arrangement that is set right next to each other.  There is a grade crossing with the former Rock Island track at Joliet.  Both the Metra commuter line and the Iowa Interstate railroad now use this track.  There is also a grade crossing and junction of the Norfolk Southern, former Conrail railroad at Streator.

According to the 1992 Santa Fe CLIC book, Industries served by the railroad traveling west from Joliet include:  (Industries to be modeled are indicated in red)

  • Mobil Oil at Drummond
  • Stephan Chemical at Millsdale
  • Dow Chemical at Lorenzo
  • Glidden Paint at Lorenzo
  • Exxon Chemicals at Lorenzo
  • House track for local industry in Coal City
  • CoOp at Mazon
  • Kendall-Grundy Feed Storage at Mazon
  • Farmer’s CoOp at Verona
  • Ransom Fertilizer at Ransom
  • Owens-Illinois at Streator
  • Thatcher Glass at Streator
  • Illinois Fruit at Streator

Spurs are also located at Kinsman and Kernan

Crossovers on this section of the railroad are at:

  • Double crossover at Joliet
  • A single crossover located at Lorenzo that is only used by right of way maintenance equipment.
  • Double crossover at Pequot
  • Single crossover at Mazon
  • Double crossover at Verona
  • Single crossover at Ransom
  • Single crossovers at east end of Streator

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